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Find the Difference 101 ms
Find the Difference 101 ms

Welcome to check my Code Notebook, most of them are from my Lintcode by using Python3.Each problem file include breif desc in English, my personal solution and some refer solutions. Some problems will have single review blog. Breif review will show as categories. Multi-domain or star problems have tag to track.


Problem List

Problem Solution Review Level
1. A + B Problem
5. Kth Largest Element
6. Merge Two Sorted Arrays [Solution]
7. Serialize and Deserialize Binary Tree
8. Rotate String [Solution]
13. Implement strStr() [Solution]
14. First Position of Target [Solution]
15. Permutations
17. Subsets
18. Subsets II
18. Subsets II
31. Partition Array [Solution]
33. N-Queens
39. Recover Rotated Sorted Array [Solution]
40. Implement Queue by Two Stacks
41. Maximum Subarray [Solution]
53. Reverse Words in a String [Solution]
56. Two Sum [Solution] [Review]
57. 3Sum [Solution]
60. Search Insert Position [Solution]
62. Search in Rotated Sorted Array [Solution]
64. Merge Sorted Array [Solution]
66. Binary Tree Preorder Traversal
67. Binary Tree Inorder Traversal
68. Binary Tree Postorder Traversal
69. Binary Tree Level Order Traversal
75. Find Peak Element [Solution]
86. Binary Search Tree Iterator
93. Balanced Binary Tree
95. Validate Binary Search Tree
97. Maximum Depth of Binary Tree
97. Maximum Depth of Binary Tree
100. Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array [Solution]
101. Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array II [Solution]
102. Linked List Cycle
103. Linked List Cycle II
104. Merge K Sorted Lists
114. Unique Paths [Solution]
115. Unique Paths II [Solution]
120. Word Ladder
121. Word Ladder II
127. Topological Sorting
128. Hash Function
129. Rehashing
130. Heapify
133. Longest Word [Solution]
135. Combination Sum [Solution]
137. Clone Graph
140. Fast Power
141. Sqrt(x)
143. Sort Colors II
146. Lowercase to Uppercase II [Solution]
148. Sort Colors [Solution]
153. Combination Sum II [Solution]
157. Unique Characters [Solution]
158. Valid Anagram [Solution]
172. Remove Element [Solution]
200. Longest Palindromic Substring [Solution]
209. First Unique Character in a String [Solution]
211. String Permutation [Solution]
212. Space Replacement [Solution]
224. Implement Three Stacks by Single Array
225. Find Node in Linked List
228. Middle of Linked List
241. String to Integer [Solution]
366. Fibonacci
407. Plus One [Solution]
408. Add Binary [Solution]
415. Valid Palindrome [Solution]
420. Count and Say [Solution]
422. Length of Last Word [Solution]
425. Letter Combinations of a Phone Number [Solution]
428. Pow(x, n)
433. Number of Islands
449. Char to Integer [Solution]
453. Flatten Binary Tree to Linked List
463. Sort Integers
464. Sort Integers II
466. Count Linked List Nodes
478. Simple Calculator [Solution]
480. Binary Tree Paths
483. Convert Linked List to Array List
491. Palindrome Number [Solution]
494. Implement Stack by Two Queues
495. Implement Stack [Solution]
521. Remove Duplicate Numbers in Array
524. Left Pad [Solution]
539. Move Zeroes [Solution]
544. Top k Largest Numbers
578. Lowest Common Ancestor III
596. Minimum Subtree
605. Sequence Reconstruction
607. Two Sum III - Data structure design
608. Two Sum II - Input array is sorted [Solution]
610. Two Sum - Difference equals to target
611. Knight Shortest Path
612. K Closest Points
615. Course Schedule
616. Course Schedule II
627. Longest Palindrome
632. Binary Tree Maximum Node
642. Moving Average from Data Stream
657. Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) [Solution] [Review]
671. Rotate Words [Solution] [Review]
680. Split String
702. Concatenated String with Uncommon Characters of Two Strings [Solution] [Review]
720. Rearrange a String With Integers [Solution]
765. Valid Triangle
829. Word Pattern II
845. Greatest Common Divisor
891. Valid Palindrome II [Solution]
900. Closest Binary Search Tree Value
901. Closest Binary Search Tree Value II
902. Kth Smallest Element in a BST
914. Flip Game [Solution]
955. Implement Queue by Circular Array [Solution]
977. Base 7
993. Array Partition I [Solution]
1006. Subdomain Visit Count
1011. Number of Lines To Write String [Solution]
1013. Unique Morse Code Words [Solution]
1033. Minimum Difference Between BST Nodes
1038. Jewels And Stones
1042. Toeplitz Matrix [Solution]
1079. Count Binary Substrings [Solution]
1104. Judge Route Circle [Solution]
1126. Merge Two Binary Trees
1163. Distribute Candies
1170. Reshape the Matrix
1173. Reverse Words in a String III [Solution]
1193. Detect Capital [Solution]
1204. Keyboard Row [Solution]
1225. Island Perimeter
1243. Number of Segments in a String [Solution]
1266. Find the Difference [Solution]
1283. Reverse String [Solution]
1314. Power of Two
1320. Contains Duplicate [Solution]
1350. Excel Sheet Column Title [Solution]
1354. Pascal’s Triangle II [Solution]
1615. The result of investment [Solution]
1638. Least Substring [Solution]
1713. Unique Email Addresses [Solution]

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